La Famiglia and Their Blind Advocate book cover

La Famiglia and Their Blind Advocate

This is the history of an extraordinary family which begins in the early 1800s and continues through six generations to the present time.

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The book is now out of print and Dom wishes to offer the ebook as a free download.

The script and the movie are in progress!

We are moving to Santa Rosa. Our address, as of Nov. 28th, will be 1401 Fountaingrove Parkway, Unit M117, Santa Rosa, CA 95403. Phone number and email address are the same.

45 years later, a big thank you!

—by Dominic Sposeto

La Famiglia and Their Blind Advocate

Dominic's profits from the sale of this book
go directly to Guide Dogs of America 
where Dom received his fifth dog, click here.

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